Unlike in the past years, Singapore’s economy isn’t expected to grow at a good pace this year. The forecast is not going to change much in the coming months, so as a business owner you need to be prepared to start marketing in a bad Singapore economy. Take the necessary steps to cut down the fixed cost and keep your client base intact in every possible way. The first action you can take is to fire your permanent marketing staff. Instead, you can outsource your work to a freelancer or agency and save a handful of fixed cost every month.

Besides, call your existing customers and offer them an extended subscription of your services at a discounted rate. By doing this, you can try to retain as many of them as possible and save yourself from the pain of finding new customers all over again, which is going to be very difficult in this uncertain period. Keep these points in mind and take every step carefully otherwise you will have to struggle to keep the momentum going in the coming months.