Do you know about this best SEO practices? This article will be focused on the latest trends in SEO practices. Let’s a look at what’s ahead for SEO professionals in 2019.

It’s essential you know which SEO tactics and strategies that will aid you to dominate the SERPs market and enable you to generate more income in 2019. This article will elucidate a few vital trends you will require to know. It’s coined from 47 of today’s top SEO professionals.

  • Know your audience and their intent:Which kind of communication channel is preferred by your audience? Images? Audio? Visuals? To deliver accurate SEO services you need to have concrete knowledge of these. You need to be conversant with the changes in the taste and desire of your audience. You need to understand what your audience wants.
  • Create exceptional content: According to Eric Enge, the general manager of Perficient digital, he advised that goggle algorithm updates in 2018 has revealed that goggle is increasing its focus on checkmating the quality of contents in each website, and as such, websites with quality contents will be rewarded by goggle. Answering a lot of queries and attracting users to a page should not be the sole aim of content strategy in SEO. The use of language to engage and guide the user to the next action should also be employed for effective SEO delivery.
  • Adopt technical SEO: many websites have encountered huge complexity and growth over the years thus intensifying the need for focusing on technical SEO in 2019. Some of the areas to focus on the technical side of SEO will include;
  • Speed- SEOs need to realize that goggle rewards sites more than once for its speed. This will enable them to make the sites simpler and faster
  • JavaScript- you must familiarize yourself with at least a little knowledge of JavaScript and know how major search engines perform best with JavaScript-driven engines, most websites are JavaScript-driven
  • Progressive web Apps: you need to come up with confident strategies on how to make your website keep able on the home screen of your users as they visit page.
  • Be trustworthy and increase expertise- one key trend you cannot afford to overlook in 2019 is that of establishing and growing your enterprise, trustworthiness, and authority. The big question in this is, how can I be the go-to source for journalists in my core topic expertise? This level of expertise is what is needed from you (the people’s brand) for more effective performance.