Social media has been seen as an important component of every business communication strategy. It provides exciting career opportunities for people. These jobs can be done from any location that includes home too. It provides remote options, and flexible work schedules when compared to other careers.

BeOnAir is the best place to begin your career as a social media coordinator. You can read articles related to your job preferences and gain more knowledge. Here is a guide that provides top social media jobs for professionals.

Content marketing manager

This kind of digital marketing manager creates content marketing initiatives for driving traffic to the website and creating user engagement with them by making impressive social media campaigns.

Content marketing managers conceptualize social media campaigns and brand-appropriate content that helps in forming a balance in the creative vision with administrative exactness.

Community manager

Community managers are also called editors who not just creates, but also implements a social media strategy. This strategy is made to deliver the goals of the brand effectively. Their duty goes beyond internal social media marketing. It also includes B2B, or business to business to business marketing too.

Social media strategist

Social media strategists create as well as implement effective social media strategies for businesses. They work towards growing their customer base to make more sales in the business.

As engagement is important to keep customers engaged with the business, social media strategists make the best use of social media tools to create effective engagement among their audiences.

Social media analyst

Social media analysts examine a variety of social media trends and tools to find out what can fit their business’s brand. They measure the effectiveness of the platforms so that the audience comfortably reach their strategies and platforms and also identify any concerns, or holes present within the social media strategy of the business.

A majority of social media analysts have their experiences in marketing. They are also proficient in SEO that helps them gain exposure across channels.


The blog is one of the ways to interact with people and enhance visibility is one of the business. This is an affordable way of business marketing. Looking at the exposure it gets from the online population, and its impact, many companies manage blogs.

If you are interested in writing blogs for businesses, then you can take it up as a full-time career option where you will be needed to write for several clients to make ends meet.


If you wish to pursue a career in social media, then you need to know about the available job opportunities in social media. It will assist you in making the right decision.